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The Economou Institute

When a church is in crisis, it can’t call 911, so it calls Dr. Don. For thirty years, he has served as a “church doctor” for congregations in crises; sex scandals, toxic leadership, personality disorders, and minister resignations are a few of the many reasons a church can be stopped dead in its tracks. Using his systemic approach, The Economou Process, Don provides spiritual-emotional healing to a congregation.

The Economou Institute offers consultation to client churches interested in a season of healing to deal with internal processes and events in the life of the congregation. The Institute provides resources to churches and church leaders to assist them along the path of healing. It also provides training and mentoring to potential consultants who feel a calling to be church consultants specializing in congregational healing.


Animated picture of a church steeple with a crack going down the middle of it.


“Healing Hurting Churches explores the most lethal wounds that traumatize congregations. Dr. Don offers a path of congregational healing that addresses the common wounds churches encounter. Drawing on case studies from a wide range of churches, Healing Hurting Churches diagnoses the challenges and prescribes a path forward. This is essential reading for any church leader who finds their congregation in need of a season of healing.”


Since 1988 Don has worked with congregations and leaders experiencing significant transitional events in the life of their church. His unique approach- The Economou Process- provides a season of healing through various approaches designed to facilitate spiritual and emotional healing. Don combines consultation with leaders on key processes of the church with powerful preaching and teaching designed to address the wounds of the church.


He has worked with a wide range of churches from different faith groups, including inner-city, urban, rural, and church plant congregations. While doctrines may differ, the dynamics of spiritual healing remain constant across faith groups.

Congregational consultations have been provided for churches experiencing:


  • The extramarital affair of a key leader or minister or sexual misconduct

  • Toxic leadership

  • Resignation or death of minister

  • Mismatch of minister or staff to the congregation

  • Financial mismanagement

  • Vision mismatch to congregation or community

  • Congregational exhaustion due to external or internal events

  • Poor implementation of change by leadership

  • Congregation controlled by one person or small group

  • Ministerial incompetence

  • Crimes or legal proceedings involving the church

Each congregational consultation is unique, but they typically include:


  • A pre-consulting process and orientation to the Economou Process

  • A 6 phase process consultation model implemented to guide the church through the process

  • A Congregational Health Assessment or CHA to assess church strengths and work areas

  • Sermon series addressing key areas of congregational healing and growth

  • Seminars and classes as needed

  • Coaching of leadership during the transitional process


Consulting Partnerships

Don partners with Dr. Sara Blakeney, author of Ready for More: How Millennials Like You Are Destined To Change The Church. Dr. Blakeney is an expert on Millennial Spirituality. Her teaching and preaching guide churches to a deeper understanding of how to reach this generation. She holds an MA from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Divinity from Aberdeen University. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Restoration Counseling in Ft. Worth.


Don also partners with The Siburt Institute for Church Growth at Abilene Christian University, providing the Congregational Health Assessment.

Consultation Inquiries

Church leaders interested in scheduling an initial meeting with Dr. Don to discuss his work and the potential fit of your congregation may contact him by clicking the button below. Please note: Don does not work with congregations utilizing a team of consultants during a transitional process.


Economou Consultant Training Program

A Consultant Training Program is currently under development to assist individuals interested in training in church transitional healing. 

The program will provide training and supervision in the following areas:


  • The Economou Process Orientation and Theology of Healing Congregations

  • Process Consultation and the Church Consultant

  • Systems Theory and Congregational Life

  • Inductive Preaching

  • The Millennial Generation and Missional Church Strategy

  • Consultant Supervision and Consultation

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